Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Deja los juegos
demuéstrame tus celos
tómame en tus brazos una vez más
y no demos vuelta atrás. 

Under my skin

Y es que quedaste plasmado en cada pedacito de mi piel. 
Dime ahora cómo me deshago del recuerdo 
del sonido de tu corazón 
y de tu respiración. 

Te has convertido en una constante 
que me ilumina y me atormenta 
porque cada vez que cierro los ojos 
te veo 
te oigo 
y te siento. 

Y es que quedaste plasmado en cada pedacito de mi piel 
y me he convertido en una adicta a tu simple existir.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Dime un secreto...

¿Por qué no se desmoronó mi corazón aún más
cuando escuchó palabras tan crueles?
¿Y cómo es que tus pensamientos me alcanzan
en medio de la noche?

¿Será que tú y yo caímos víctimas 
el uno del otro
esa madrugada?

Transcribed Selections from the Hospital Notebook #5

Because now I know, as specific as it all was, it wasn't just about him. It was also about me, and it was also about any broken soul that would enter my life.

But my heart is on the verge of being broken again, and this time I have no anchor... No protection... Only my self-soothing thoughts, my misinterpreted memories and a night of uninhibited decisions to thwart reality.

I feel lost, confused, and abandoned. I am frustrated and sad and unwilling to accept that my life will only have meaning in loss, pain, and heartache... Because only then will I know that I have loved. Loved sufficiently to offer healing and then be left on my own until the next broken one comes along.

And as they come and go, my broken heart grows... And each time there are more pieces to pick up, until a day will come when I fully admit that I cannot go through it all again.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Then she took one step back
Before their hearts were broken
And with the veil of glorified memories over her eyes
Their past suddenly seemed much more meaningful than it ever truly was.

Were it not for those split seconds 
In which it seemed the contradictions were greater than gravity
She would dismiss their imprudence
And not linger in that long forgotten past. 


Wandering soul,

When was the last time
Music flowed through your veins
And you listened not with your ears?

When was the last time you dreamed
Of dancing in starlight
And free falling from mountains?

Do you not recall
The vibrations on your skin
From a warm breeze
Or a minuscule raindrop
As it slid down your face?

Wandering soul,

Remember there is more to sensation than logic
That when the heart resonates to 
A thought
A sound
An image
And even a gentle touch
That there is something greater than us.

Wandering soul,

When was the last time
Music flowed through your veins
And you listened not with your ears? 


Porque ya no es tu imagen 
ni siquiera es tu presencia en mi memoria.

Es simplemente la huella de tus promesas vacías
y el trozo de mi que te llevaste sin permiso.

De ahí que no logro deshacerme de esta inútil tristeza.  

Friday, July 24, 2015


Y es así que se quedó despierta
Al parecer su intuición se volvía tenue al borde de la expectativa.